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Incentives and Bonuses

A. Performance Bonus – (Paid quarterly) .01 cent per mile. Your performance bonus will be based on your professionalism.

B. 7.2 MPG Fuel Bonuses - (Paid quarterly) Attain the minimum fuel mileage (7.2) you will earn .01 cent per mile.

C. 7.7 MPG Fuel Bonuses - (Paid quarterly) Attain fuel mileage of (7.7) you will earn an additional .01 cent per mile.

D. Safety Bonus - (Paid Annually on your anniversary date) Drivers who qualify will be paid .01 cent for all miles driven for the year.

E.  No Warning or Citation Bonus - (Paid Quarterly) – .01 cent per mile. 

F. Referral Bonus – (Paid after referral is employed for 6 months) $2000 (in full).  



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