Incentives and Benefits

Despite safe equipment, physical conditions, management direction and controls, safety basically depends upon the perception and attitude of the driver.


A. Performance Bonus -1 cent per mile pd. quarterly. Your performance bonus will be based on your professionalism




1.     Late Deliveries.  You should know your appointment time when you are dispatched.  You should call your dispatcher immediately if you are running late.


2.     Citations or Warnings.  Either in the truck or your personal vehicle.


3.     Freight Claims (Due to negligence) or Customer Complaints


4.     Excessive or continued Log Violations.


5.     Bad attitude, Bad hygiene, or an excessively dirty truck.


6.     Late Paperwork. (Paperwork must be turned in weekly or a $25 fine will be issued).


7.     Idling Time that is over 18%


8.     Less than an average of 10,000 miles per month (Single), or 17,000(team).


9.  Unreported Damages- This includes trailer reports being signed and reports being turned in when new damage is found.


10.  Simple Maintenance Problems- Including low oil or other fluids.  Drivers are required to bring the tractors to the shop every 8,000 miles for maintenance.


B. Fuel Bonus - (Paid quarterly) we have a fuel incentive program for over the road company drivers.  Karl’s Transport, Inc. will share with the drivers in the savings accumulated up to .01 for each      paid mile.  We use 7.2 mpg as a base. Several drivers are already achieving over 8.0 mpg and with a little effort, can bring their average up even higher.  Starting earlier, slowing down, proper shifting, eliminating excessive idling and driving with the flow of traffic, not fighting it can put additional dollars in your pocket.  Incomplete, inaccurate, missing trip reports or fuel tickets or tampering with the program in any way will result in disqualification from the program for the quarter.


C. Safety Bonus - (Paid Annually on your anniversary date) Drivers will be paid .01 for paid miles if they do not have:


1.  More than $1,000 of damage to equipment during your anniversary year. – When damage occurs, the shop will provide an estimate to determine the extent of the damage.  The estimate will be based on our cost to repair. The cost of the damages incurred throughout your anniversary year will be subtracted off of your safety bonus.


*** If you are involved in an accident where you are at fault, the cost to repair the other parties property will count towards your damages for the year.




2. Any Workers Compensation claims.


D.  No Warning or Citation Bonus- (Paid Quarterly) – ½ cent per mile.  This Bonus will only be paid if the driver has no warnings or citations in the truck or their personal vehicle.


F. Hire on Bonus - New drivers will be paid $2,000 after they are employed for 6 months. (Effective 10/1/2016)


G. Referral Bonus - Professional drivers prefer the company of other professional drivers.  This is why Karl’s Transport, Inc. is looking to you, our Professional Truck Load Drivers to help recruit the type of drivers we need to ensure a top notch driving team.


We offer $2000  (Effective 10/1/2016) and a 1/2 cent raise.


Below are requirements, which must be met:


1.     The applicant must be hired.


2.     The new driver must successfully complete the six month period


3.     The employee who did the referral must be on Company payroll at the time of the referral and at the end of the pay               period.


Incentive Checks – The incentive checks will be issued after the completion of each quarter.  You must be employed with Karl’s Transport, Inc. at the time the incentive is paid out. 


If you do not average 10,000 miles per month you will not be eligible for bonuses.