List of Benefits for Karl’s Transport, Inc.


Based on Fulltime Employment


(10,000 miles for single / 17,000 miles for teams)

Pay is based on experience and we pay practical miles.


1)  Vacation Pay- based on longevity of employment.  See employee handbook.


2)  Bereavement Pay- See employee handbook.


3)  Holiday Pay- Six paid holidays per year as listed in the employee handbook.


4)  Layover Pay-$100 for half a day and $150 for a full day.  Must have hours available to drive.


5)  Detention Pay-must make dispatch aware of the situation and have the time marked on the bill of             lading.  Discuss amount with dispatcher immediately after.


6)  No toll road bonus - $50/$55/$60. 


7)   Indiana / Ohio bonus - 2x in one week $50. 


8)   Drop and Hook Pay-$10 for drop and hooks.  A drop and hook is considered dropping and          hooking a trailer in the same lot.  Must list trailer numbers.


9)    Pickup and Drop Pay- $15 for every additional pick up and drop after the first.


10)  Redelivery Pay- $15 when redelivering a load.


11)  Health Insurance


12)  Dental Insurance

13)  Vision Insurance


14)  Disability Insurance


15)  Life Insurance-Karl’s Transport supplies employees with a life insurance policy of $15,000 at no                  charge.  Additional life insurance is available for purchase, for you and your family.


16)  401K with employer match of 3%, a Traditional Roth program offered after 6 months of employment.


17)  Sign On Bonus- $2,000 after 6 months


18)  Referral Bonus- $2,000 plus a 1/2 cent raise after 6 months (name has to be on application as referral source)