Currently we service all 48 states and Canada and are looking to expand our customer base. We are looking for the opportunity to bid on any available lanes into or out of central WI.  We have the capability to drop trailers and are very willing to work with our customers to meet any special needs they may have. If at this time you have any transportation needs or would like more information on our company, visit the About Us section of the website, or directly contact us!

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We hope to be hearing from you soon! If you wish to contact us, please visit our Contact page for more information!


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We would also like to extend a very heartfelt “Thank You!” in advance for the opportunity to earn your business and for taking the time to learn more about our company!

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The people at Karl's Transport, from the front desk to our drivers on the road, are deeply connected to the vision and values that have made the company successful since its beginnings in 1985. 

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